Hi, welcome to my blog and little space on the net. I have been waiting for you! I am Sky, a teacher from outer Sydney, Australia.

Here you will find things about growing food and animals at home. The odd thing you can make for your garden and how to control those unwanted visitors (to your garden of course).

I am one very lucky person, I get to spend my workdays with teenagers and animals. Some may think this is the recipe for disaster, the old saying never work with children and animals does occasionally pop into my mind. I am an Agriculture Secondary Teacher, I share knowledge about where our food and clothing come from. We need Agriculture to survive and we need to conduct this in a sustainable way. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge to young people and anyone that wants to listen and encouraging them to learn more.

It all began growing up on a small organic farm using draft horses, my parents were almost completely self sufficient. We had most animals and very involved in the local organic research association often hosting workshops with a few hundred people. We were on A Country Practice and Burkes Backyard. A great childhood which has clearly had an impact on who I am today. After completing my first degree I worked for a number of years and then furthered my education in order to teach. Teaching is a vocation and definitely a journey.

I love chickens, guinea pigs, guinea fowl, basically all animals. To me there is nothing better than growing and eating your own food. Seeing what went into the crop in order to produce what went on the plate with no unknowns.

If I am not at school, I am at home gardening and working on the property, exploring cool locations, reading and taking photos.

I hope to inspire you to get out in the garden or the chicken pen!

Please feel free to leave me a comment or email me sky@fromsoil2sky.com.

I hope you enjoy

Sky x