March 20, 2016

How to Make a Comfrey Nutrient Tube

I have an abundance of comfrey this is a great problem to have as the comfrey is suppressing the grass and weeds under my fruit trees, whilst also accessing stored nutrients with its deep roots and providing beneficial organic matter to the soil. In winter the comfrey will stop growing if exposed to frost the plant will appear to die but low and behold in summer it will be back.

After seeing Nevin Sweeney on television some time ago and recently reading Earth Garden magazine I was inspired to make a comfrey nutrient tube in order to produce a wonderful liquid fertiliser.

You will need
1 length of PVC pipe
2 end caps for the pipe
1 gate valve/tap
Electric or cordless drill
Pipe Cement
An empty wine bottle
A piece of string over 1 metre in length
A key ring or washer
Tie Wire

To make
1. Drill a hole in the centre of each cap. One cap needs to fit the tap and the other a piece of string.
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1 0431 059
2. Push the tap through the hole.
3. Silicon around the hole.
1 0441 045
4. Glue the cap with the tap to the end of the pipe.

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5. Leave the other cap off to allow the pipe to air.
6. Fill a wine bottle with water.
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7. Place a key ring or washer around one end of the string.
1 049
8. Pull the string through the hole of the cap (without the tap).
1 058
9. Tie the string onto the top of the wine bottle.1 057
10. Wire the pipe to an accessible area.
1 056
11. Pick comfrey leaves and insert into the pipe.
1 053
12. Lower the wine bottle on top of the comfrey leaves.1 052
13. Place the cap onto the pipe.
1 051
1 050
14. Open the tap in a month to check if you have any comfrey juice.
15. Dilute the juice 1 part to 20 parts water and apply around the base of plants you wish to water and give a nutrient boost.

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