March 6, 2016

Build a Straw Bale Garden

In an attempt to get away from my vermin problem with the garden beds near my chicken pen and pumpkin vines claiming the area, I started a garden in our front yard. I am now on top of the vermin problem with some help, which will feature in another blog post. The easiest quickest way for me to start a garden was through a straw bale or in this case grass hay garden. I started out with just 3 bales and the garden was going so well I did an extension.

You will need
Straw Bales (can be bought at your produce store. Ensure they do not sell you oaten hay as this has seed heads on it.)
Potting Mix or Seed Raising Mix (see DIY seed raising Mix
Newspaper or Cardboard

1. Ensure any grass or weeds are mown flat.
2. Place wads of newspaper where you would like your straw bale garden to go. Ensure you make the newspaper cover a larger area than the bales will cover.
3. Sit bales of straw on their side in position on top of the newspaper. (Important that the bales are on their side so the water will run down through the straw).
1 041

4. Place potting mix on top of the straw bales.
1 044 5. Water well
1 046 6. Plant seedlings and dig into the straw if necessary.
1 048 7. Water in.

You now have a straw bale garden.

My Extension
As mentioned earlier I extended my garden by making a rectangle from the straw bales and inserting mushroom compost in the centre. Remember you must put newspaper down under the mushroom compost or if you add any soil. This is working very well.

Extention on my straw bale garden.

Extention on my straw bale garden.

1 053

1 059

Straw Bale Garden with Chia, Rockmelon, Okra, Tomatoes and Sweet Corn

Happy Straw Bale Gardening.


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