January 9, 2016

DIY Seed Raising Mix

I make my own seed raising mix to ensure that my seed trays have every chance of success whilst germinating. As our summers get very hot, moisture seems to be the problem with seedlings. By adding coconut fibre (coir peat) bigger healthier roots grow and require less water, as the product has a higher water holding capacity. The addition of vermiculite also enhances moisture retention. This recipe makes up to 15 litres depending on what coir product you use.


Coir Brick

You will need
A bag of potting mix (ensure it has the Australian standard set of ticks)
Vermiculite (can be purchased at the hardware store in the gardening supplies section)
Coir Power Seed Raising Block or Coir Peat Brick (can be purchased at the hardware store in the gardening supplies section)
Container (I use a mini garbage bin)
Shovel or Trowel

1. Unwrap Coir Brick and read instructions.
2. Place Coir Brick in your container
3. Add the required amount of water based on the label.
4. Go and have a nice cold dribk of elderflower cordial or a cup of tea, while you wait for the Coir to absorb the water.
5.  Break up Coir Brick with a shovel or trowel.
6. Add potting mix, approximately 15 litres.
7. Mix with a shovel or trowel.
8. Add vermiculite, approximately 500 millilitres.


Addition of vermiculite

9. Mix with a shovel or trowel.
10. Your potting mix is ready to use.

Happy Planting.

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