January 5, 2016

Leaf Art for Kids

Stuck for things to do with the kids in the school holidays? Not long ago I was minding my beautiful niece Olivia, at a dressage competition. We were literally stuck at a horse truck in the bush for the day. Thanks to pinterest we came up with this idea. I am not a primary school teacher and hence not very crafty. I take my hat off to primary school teachers. Just collecting the leaves is a fun activity and creates all kinds of conversations about nature.

You will need
Craft Glue
A3 or A4 Paper
Small Paint Brush
Texta (optional)


1. Collect leaves from under trees, a mix of shapes and colours. The drier the better.
2. Plan your animals out on a flat surface
3. Brush glue on the back of each leaf


4. Paste leaves onto paper
5. Add in noses or ears where necessary with texta



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