December 29, 2015

Looking after your Poultry in the Heat

Summer has hit and it is important that we remember our feathered friends. All is good if we are in the air conditioning inside and they are in the elements outside. Animals feel the heat just as much as us and get stressed. Here are some strategies to help the feathered ones in your household overcome the extreme temperatures this summer.

  • Keep water full and in the shade.
  • Give chicken ice blocks to poultry (recipe below my chickens absolutely loved these treats)
  • Put sprinklers on the roof of coop/shed
  • Add ice to waters
  • If possible check on your poultry a few times during the day and spray with a mist of water if necessary

Chicken Ice Blocks (Can be used for all poultry)




  • Fruit and Vegetables (does not need to be human quality, great way to clean out the fridge)
  • Small amount of chicken scratch mix or grain
  • Water
  • Silicon Muffin Mould Tray

    Chicken Ice Block


    1. Cut up fruit and vegetables into small sizes
    2. Add approximately 1 tablespoon of grain to each muffin cup
    3. Add fruit and vegetables evenly amongst muffin cups
    4. Fill moulds with water
    5. Place silicon moulds in freezer overnight
    6. Feed to your feathered ones on a hot day, they will love you for it.

    IMG_7094 (1)

    Taste Testing the Chicken Ice Block

    Stay Cool this Summer!

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