December 14, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Garden/Animal Lover


As the crazy time of year has begun, are you stuck for ideas of meaningful presents to get friends and family?

Here is a list of gift ideas.

For the crazy chook person

  • A chicken health kit – Include De-louse Powder, Shellgrit, Probiotics for Chickens and Chicken Wormer. Place in a small wooden box or basket and tie a hessian bow and gift tag on the box. If you buy small amounts this should be under $50
  • An antiquarian chicken book from a second hand book shop. Often to a chook person these are collectors items and a very interesting read

For the nature lover

  • A box of native bees (can be ordered online now) this will cost a $300-$400
  • A book on native bees

For the Gardener 

  • Seeds
  • A subscription to a garden club
  • A worm farm and worms
  • Subscription to a garden magazine
  • An unusual tool for the garden such as  a broad fork, a sickle or sythe
  • The movie ‘Dirt’
  • An edible plant such as an elderflower tree and include a recipe for elderflower cordial
  • Some really good gardening gloves
  • A pre-made bee hotel for the garden


I can give exact names and suggestions of presents in Australia if you message me. I shall now resume making up my Ag themed lolly bags for year 9.

I hope you can still spend time outside appreciating nature in this busy season.

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