October 26, 2015

Comfrey – the silent worker!

I grow Comfrey under my fruit trees to suppress the weeds. My dad gave me a small handful of roots over ten years ago when he was moving house. I put them in the ground and from that handful I have a truck load (not quite, but you know what I mean).


The plants dieback in Winter but grow back in Spring as they are Perennial. The plant has purple flowers which attract bees and pollinating insects.

But wait there are more benefits.

  • Comfrey is nutrient accumulator which means its roots reach deeply into the soil accessing nutrients and then accumulating the nutrients in the leaves (Nitrogen and Phosphorous to name just a few). The leaves can be chopped back numerous times in a season and used as green mulch to fertilise.
  • When leaves are added to the compost they provide nutrients and speed up decomposition
  • Chickens like to eat the leaves which in turn provide them with calcium

How to divide comfrey roots so that you can plant elsewhere

  1. Cut the comfrey roots with a spadecomfrey 001
  2. Divide roots into manageable pieces. Cut off most of the leaf and place in garden as mulch.comfrey3 003
  3. Re-plant by burying the roots.
  4. Water well.

These babies are off to school to be planted under citrus trees.

Let this amazing plant silently work wonders in your garden.


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