October 17, 2015

Make a Tomato Tower

Homegrown tomatoes are the best as they actually have taste and can be eaten as a snack with the addition of a bit of salt. YUM!

Why not build a tomato tower to make a structure for your tomatoes to grow up and to provide enough water to increase yield? (that means more tomatoes, a win win situation)

You will need

Some mesh of some form that can bend to make a circle

Wire cutters or pliers

Old 5 litre bucket

Wire fasteners or tie wire


Spadeful of compost

Drill and bit


  1. Drill 2 rows of holes in the bucket from the bottom approximately 5cm between rows.
  2. IMG_6663Measure the mesh out by bending into a circle around the bucket. I used chicken wire but ringlock or budgie mesh would be fine. You can buy small amounts of mesh at some discount stores or ask a friend who may use mesh as they will usually have some leftovers that are too small to use for fencing.
  3. Cut the mesh to size.
  4. IMG_6674 Join the mesh to form the circle. I use wire fasteners that can be purchased from most hardware stores in the fencing section. The clips and applicator are such a great little invention. Alternatively use tie wire to join.
  5. IMG_6676Find a level spot for your tower where you can access around the mesh. Dig a hole so that the bucket sits with the highest drilled holes just visible. Place the bucket inside.
  6. Place 1 spadeful of compost in the bucket.
  7. IMG_6690Place the mesh around the bucket and backfill a little with soil so that it sits well
  8. Plant tomatoes around the mesh.
  9. IMG_6697Water in.
  10. Each time you water the plants put the water inside the bucket.
  11. As the tomatoes grow you will need to fasten them to the mesh. Old stockings are great for this as they do not harm the stems.
  12. Enjoy your leaning tower of tomato 🍅 Mine actually is leaning (it just adds character).



What are your tomato growing tips?

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