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December 31, 2015

Goals for the Gardener to Consider


  1. Plant a new garden. Try and plant something you don’t usually grow. For example plant a succulent garden if you only grow vegetables.
  2. Plant more edible trees on your lawn. Does it matter if you reduce your lawn area and there is less mowing?
  3. Plant at least 10 bee friendly plants this year and go Organic. Chemicals contribute to the loss of many bee colonies.
  4. Add some native plants which will attract birds to your garden.
  5. Install a worm farm and get to know these amazing creatures.
  6. Build a native bee hotel.
  7. Read a book or attend a workshop on a specialised gardening theme.
  8. Leave a few plants to go to seed after each harvest and save seeds for next year.
  9. Take photos of your garden and the small creatures who live in it. Post some to social media and who knows what conversations may be started.
  10. Challenge yourself to identify a new pest or disease or beneficial insect each month to grow your knowledge.

Wishing you a very happy new year!