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December 6, 2015

Coffee Ground uses in the Garden

If you are like me you start the day with a coffee. I am lucky that I have a small coffee machine, and in an attempt to not buy a daily coffee I make my own. I am left with a lot of grounds from just making one coffee a day on my machine. Anywhere that sells coffee also has the grounds leftover, so why not ask them for some grounds? Ikea give away containers full of coffee grounds.


Here are the reasons to use coffee grounds in your garden.

  1. Sprinkle coffee grounds around plants as a pest control. This has successfully saved many of my plants from slugs.
  2. Coffee grounds added to the compost heap help increase the decomposition rate.
  3. Mix grounds with water and use as  a fertiliser to give your plants that boost.
  4. To prevent plants getting fungal infections sprinkle coffee grounds around the base of the plant. This also gives a nitrogen boost to plants.
  5. Feed coffee grounds to your worm farm.


Share the love of your daily coffee or coffees with your garden!